Moon Unit Tea: Laurel Canyon Chai

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Tea.o.graphy is excited to announce this private label & exclusive collaboration in tea with Moon Unit Zappa!

We bring to you the first of Moon’s line. Moon Unit Tea! It was beautifully dreamed up by Moon herself - and executed and handcrafted by tea.o.graphy.

Laurel Canyon Chai is an evocative blend that is inspired by Moon’s memories of growing up in Laurel Canyon.

“Tea with milk and sugar was always the unifier and soulful convo primer when people stopped by my childhood home in the Canyon,’” says Moon. “Many happy musical memories of my father, of deer and coyote sightings on morning drives to school, of uproarious laughter echoing under canopies of Eucalyptus and starry nights.”

Laurel Canyon - it's a sensorial mosaic, a center of counterculture, a tribute to a place that transcends geography and time. This winding street serves as a living archive that continues to house and produce doers, dreamers and icons in music, art, photography, literature, fashion, film and even magic.

It is with this chai that we blend the mysticism, the melodic notes, the timeless lore, the collaborations & the creative spirit of ‘The Canyon.’ It is our hope that the seductive rhythms and pulsations of limitless creativity and abundant nature find their way into your cup to expand and nourish your soul.

Find this blend for an exclusive time -stock is limited- on and stay tuned for more of Laurel Canyon Chai with the release of new & amazing blends by and for Moon Unit Tea coming soon!

...and for more on ‘The Canyon,’ check out Jakob Dylan’s documentary “Echo in the Canyon” & Greater L.A.’s Podcast, “Growing Up in Laurel Canyon: Music, Nudity, and Community” here:

~contains caffeine~

{organic assam black tea + organic ginger root + organic cinnamon + organic star anise + organic cardamom pods + organic cardamom seeds + organic black pepper + organic allspice + organic vanilla bean}