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Light, bright and refreshing body. Warming herbaceous flavors of savory & sweet grass.

Moringa tea, although touted for its medicinal properties for 1000's of years, today is highly regarded as a SUPER food. * Recent studies demonstrating its high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids has made Moringa an ideal nutritional supplement to combat malnutrition in developing countries.

Moringa trees have also been used to halt the destructive tides of erosion and the pressed seed fibers are extremely effective for water filtration.

It's cultivation throughout the course of human history & its present & future attributes of sustainability make us proud to feature Moringa tea as one of our health-filled, herbal offerings!

{organic moringa leaf}


* Although herbs have been used throughout human history for health & healing - these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. tea.o.graphy products are not intended to diagnose or cure disease.

All tea.o.graphy blends are carefully handcrafted with a special focus on organic & fair trade ingredients.

with love, from Taos, New Mexico.