Moon Unit Tea DAILY MOON

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So here’s the deal…I love tea. No, I mean I REALLY love tea. Especially Earl Grey (note Brit spelling because I’m THAT tea person). Especially with full-fat milk and 2 sugars. Or the French way is nice, too - hot or iced with fresh lemon juice and two sugars.

This Grey is actually the first tea I asked Dana to collaborate on because I wanted to make an Earl we could drink every day all day long, so...yunno, nailed it.

Then put the earthy, warming deliciousness in a gray-ish bag and added some cozy, rose-y perfection to put it over the top.

Drink it hot and naked or add your favorite hippie milk and sweeteners.

I hope it makes you feel happy, connected to yourself, fortified in your heart and invincible in your skin.

Love, Moon!

Daily Moon contains caffeine

{organic assam black tea + organic lapsang souchong tea + organic rose petals + organic orange peel + organic safflower + organic bergamot oil}