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Our teas are vibrant. Unique. 

Carefully curated & handcrafted, often invoking personal stories and landscapes. There is ritual and connection found in tea.

We are here to bring this fundamental link to you and your customers.

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Our wholesale partnerships range from retail outlets and boutiques, restaurants and cafes, hotels and spas, to groceries and markets.

We offer our full range of handcrafted teas in a variety of packaging formats - from retail ready packaging, to bulk looseleaf teas, to single use, compostable teabags.

We also love collaborating on private labels and other partnerships. Let us know how we can best serve you!

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Private Labeling

With our Private Labeling Program, we can create a custom blend or utilize an existing blend to package with your label and branding. 

Your brand is your identity, your ethos, your story. 

By private labeling teas, you are able to minimize your investment in R&D and start-up costs, while creating something truly tailored to your story and brand. One of our most recent and recognizable private labels is with Moon Unit ™ Tea.

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Dual Branding

Dual-Branding accomplishes many of the same objectives as a private label, while also aligning your brand with a like-minded, ethical, high visibility tea company and reduces the costs of customization. 

We currently dual-brand with companies such as:  The Blake at the Taos Ski ValleyOjo Spa , Los PoblanosBison Star Naturals and many more.

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Custom Blends

We love the creative process of blending teas. It is a craft and art - an act of creating something beautiful and nourishing. 

We are deeply honored to know that these teas find their way into people’s homes and rituals. 

For us, it is much more than simply creating a recipe -  but to create a tea that is truly unique and speaks to your customers and community. 

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