Glass French Press

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Our most favorite way to brew tea ... is in a french press!

No longer just for the coffee lovers - this is the perfect brewing device for any tea lover! 

Not only does steeping in glass give you the ability to watch your tea unfurl in the water, but brewing in this method also allows the tea to breathe and expand freely in the water, thereby giving you the most flavorful cup!

Designed for smooth pouring with a dripless spout, this french press also features a silicone foot to help absorb the impact on hard surfaces, and to prevent slips & watermarks.

Available in 16 oz & 32 oz sizes

*HELPFUL HINT:  Do not mix usage with coffee (coffee tends to leave a residual taste that will leave your tea tasting stale).  If you also love to brew coffee in a french press, we recommend having 2 separate presses - one for tea & one for coffee!