Honey Lavender

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Honeyed notes with a beautiful bouquet of berries and roses - this South African honeybush tea combines with dutch lavender, fennel, and creamy, fair trade Indian vanilla bean. Honeybush is a close relative to red rooibos, though sweeter and with a slightly fuller body. Its honey scented flowers impart it's sweet flavor and earn this plant's nectarous name. Naturally caffeine free, with high levels of minerals and vitamin C.* It's smooth, sweet flavor along with the calming, perfumed notes of lavender - a scent that English folklore tells will attract sprites, fairies, and elves - makes this tea a prized treasure for adults and children alike! {organic honeybush + organic fennel + organic dutch lavender + organic vanilla bean} ~caffeine free~ *Although herbs have been used throughout human history for health & healing - these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. tea.o.graphy products are not intended to diagnose or cure disease. All tea.o.graphy blends are carefully handcrafted with a special focus on organic & fair trade ingredients... with love, from Taos, New Mexico.