*The Blake Hotel* Golden Spice

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It's the sound of gliding down champagne snow on a brilliant, sunny day on the world-renowned slopes of Taos Ski Valley.

Golden Spice is brought to you in collaboration with and exclusively blended for The Blake Hotel at Taos Ski Valley.  

Drawing  on Ayurvedic principles to energize the mind and body, this perfectly spicy blend creates a sense of warmth, comfort and balance. It is the perfect blend to warm you up and soothe your muscles after a day on the slopes.

We  are grateful and honored to work with and to have created this tea with The Blake Hotel & Taos Ski Valley! As the world's first B Corp Certified ski valley, TSV has made environmental responsibility and sustainability their number one priority.  

One of the many commitments TSV has made to make this possible is to support their local economy and minimize their carbon footprint by carrying local products, vendors and farmers throughout the mountain.  

It is a great honor for tea.o.graphy's teas, including this exclusive Golden Spice blend, to be featured in rooms as an amenity for guests staying at The Blake and throughout TSV restaurants and establishments.

To discover more and why The Blake Hotel and Taos Ski Valley are so incredible,  please visit https://www.skitaos.com/plan-your-visit/blake AND https://www.skitaos.com/our-purpose to learn more about their commitment to the environment, their community, their B Corp Certification and more!

TASTING NOTES:  Warming spice.  Therapeutic.  Harmonizing energy. 

{organic cinnamon bark + organic ginger + organic turmeric + organic white peppercorn + organic anise seed + organic cardamom + organic orange peel + organic sarsaparilla root}


All tea.o.graphy blends are carefully handcrafted with a special focus on organic & fair trade ingredients.

with love, from Taos, New Mexico.